Sherry Arndt Preziuso proudly resides in Buffalo New York with her husband, Giovanni, daughter Rhea and their beloved family pet, Meatball. Born in Erie Pennsylvania as an Army Brat, Preziuso quickly learned to adapt to many moves from country to country and city to city. With the ever-changing landscape of location, personalities and cultures, she became interested in the psychology of the human experience. In 1998, Preziuso obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. This interest and love of the human experience has parlayed into her artwork as you see it today.

In 2009, Preziuso began her journey into the art world working with international artists and mentor, Mark DiVincenzo. In 2015, shortly after giving birth to her daughter, Preziuso started to show her work professionally.

Throughout a ten-year process of learning, researching and experimenting, Preziuso developed an unconventional technique to her abstract work. Her paintings are typically vibrant, multilayered and textured. Preziuso builds depth and dimension in her abstract paintings by layering paint with other material, such as sand, glass and textured mediums. The final step of this process is to pull away paint to reveal parts of the underpaintings. The results are somewhat unpredictable and leave a cracked surface that illuminates a “behind the scenes” view. Preziuso’s paintings are tied to her original love of psychology in that they aim to be not only beautiful, but also to speak to the damage and history that we all hold behind the facade that we present to the world.